Saturday, February 27, 2010

S&D Polish Deli

photo courtesy Robin Rombach/Post-Gazette
By Brittany Reno
Local ethnic merchants play an integral role in fostering diversity in the Strip. Given the strong presence that Polish immigrants have in the community - most notably on the very proximal Polish Hill - it is no surprise that this delicatessen is a popular store.

The S&D Polish Deli, owned by Dorota and Slawomir Pyszkowski, opened in December of 2008 but is already a mainstay of the Strip. The store sells an abundance of Polish foods, though it is especially revered for its Polish sausages, imported cheeses, halushki, and homemade pierogies.

This isn't just a deli, though; S&D Polish Deli is an escape to Poland. Aside from meats and cheeses, the deli also has a vast aisle filled with Polish candies. The shop displays beautiful jars of preserved fruits and syrups, and exotic soups and vegetables line shelves and baskets. The family-centric store also sells baby foods and magazines from Poland, and the Pyszowskis close the deli on Sundays to spend time together at their home. The S&D Polish Deli truly embodies the Polish presence in Pittsburgh.

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