Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's a Half-Moon Kind of Day..

By Meg Dellas

During the day, the Strip District is a bustling market district where you can find the freshest of fresh of virtually any type of food that you could imagine! Each local store offers a variety of different ethnic foods, all for a very affordable prices, not to mention you are stimulating a local economy, so why wouldn’t you shop here? Many famous Pittsburgh restaurants that are located at the Strip have been shown on nationwide television programs; Primanti Brothers Inc, and DeLuca’s are two hot spots. Along with popular restaurants and local grocery stores are street the local street vendors. You can find the yummiest deserts, pastries, brownies, or cookies located on some of the street corners. We couldn’t help but buy a half-moon cookie while browsing the local shops…I can almost taste the sugary morsel as I type this, (should have gotten more!). We chatted with some of the locals and the sellers about what their favorite treat was to buy, we came to the conclusion that no matter what you bought it was a win-win.

                  Another local vendor had a hot-dog stand set up called, “It’s A Dog Day”. We decided to pass on grabbing a dog since it was still pretty early in the morning, but locals described that stand as being very popular especially in the summer time. Looks like we will have to venture back when the weather is warm to find out! 

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