Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Earmuffs for a Dollar?!

By Meg Dellas

Dollar Earmuffs!? That are even cute? What more could a college student want for the winter, something to keep them warm for the late nights out and something that is within their budget, (five dollars or less? J). While walking along the Strip we ran into multiple small shops that sold Pittsburgh memorabilia, whether it be the Penguins, Steelers, or Pirates, they had anything you could possibly want! You can tell walking up and down the Strip that it is a community based area, there aren’t large malls, or super stores surrounding the area, every vendor has a very neighborly vibe and there is a very friendly atmosphere. Walking up and down Penn Avenue you come across all different types of shops, the outside vendors have set up homemade clothing and artifacts that one can buy. For the most part everything that I picked up or purchased was very affordable, I even picked up a Sponge Bob finger puppet for my friend for only a dollar! This particular neighborhood has a story of its own; the Strip is one of the oldest neighborhoods that combines its industrial past, but also its trendy image that has welcomed it into the modern era. 

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