Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Stopping by Stamoolis Bros. Co.!

By Meg Dellas

Walking along the Strip there are all sorts of goodies that can perk a meanderers attention. For our group, Saturday morning at 9 am (prime time for the farmers market) found us upon the doorstep of a place called Stamoolis Brothers. Outside of the store there were samples of chips and at least twelve different homemade breeds of salsa to try. Each was labeled with a description of spicy level and/or sweetness. While we were tempted to try them all personally, we limited ourselves to a few samples, (boy were they good!). Stamoolis Brothers Company was established in 1909, the five Stamoolis brothers came to the United States from Greece with a passion for food, ever since it has become a tradition in the Stamoolis family to bring the freshest Mediterranean style cuisine to the states. In 1929 the brothers came to Pittsburgh and joined their brother-in-law who had a similar store on Market Street; they eventually opened the store and warehouse at the Penn Avenue location.

                  When you walk in the store today, it still has an old-fashion feel to it, inside there is exposed brick, antique wide-plank wood floor that has been marked up by the thousands of customers shoes, the aroma of spices, cheeses and meats fill the store inside and outside. Located at 2020 Penn Avenue, it’s a sure stop for anyone who goes down to the Strip.  

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